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Content selecting keywords for blog post writing

Keywords – you have to get them right. They are pretty critical if you want your posts found by searchers. If you have been blogging for a while, you also know that you cannot “stuff” keywords in an attempt to hit on one or two that will “work.” No, you have to find the right one or two on your own and use only them in a post you write, and only once or twice each.

Content 7 ways meditation can change your life

Meditation is older than most religions. In fact, the earliest record of meditation is from 5000 years ago in ancient Hindu texts. While some traditional and strict Christian sects believe that meditation is “evil,” most all religious and secular individuals see great benefits in it. Some consider meditation a daydreaming. While it is a technique for putting the mind at rest, it is also moving from a normal waking state.

Content 7 simple tips to activate your creativity

Because we are a custom writing service, we are always looking for ways to be more creative. After all, ideas for blog posts, articles, essays, and web content have to come from somewhere. What we have found is that each one of us has our own techniques that work for us. However there are a few tips that all of us do seem to use, universally.

Content 8 christmas money saving tips for students

As a college student, the holidays can be stressful. Your pockets are just lined with barely enough cash to keep you alive. However, you can't possibly think of going a year without celebrating. Unfortunately, everything about Christmas costs money. Gifts for family and friends, food for that big dinner or lunch you eat every year, and of course gasoline.

Content 11 tips to improve writing evoessay

Keep in mind that not every source of information on the internet is reliable. This is especially true if you are writing about something that is controversial. Remember to double check facts using more than one resource. It is also important not to allow personal biases to impact the sources you choose.

Content 564648

As soon as Coca-Cola’s ads begin to evolve from every single corner, be it the big boards, TV or your local market – the feeling is the same all over the world – winter holidays are here! The association is not that plain simple.

How to Make Money in College

December 02, 2015- Posted to Education

Content how to make money in college evoessay

Most college students need to have at least some form of income to fund their social lives, put gas in their cars, and pay for other extras. Some college students have to earn money to pay for necessities and living expenses.

Tips And Tricks For Writing an Essay

November 30, 2015- Posted to Writing

Content tipsforwriting an essay evoessay

Essay assignments are always tricky. Even if they happen to come your way when you have time spend researching and writing, they are still a challenging task. By the time you are finished researching, taking notes, creating an outline, and writing your essay, you have usually dedicated several hours of time.

Getting a Job With an Online Degree

November 20, 2015- Posted to Writing

Content getting a job with an online degree

Years ago, it may have been a real challenge finding an employer who would take an online degree seriously. The reason for this was largely lack of exposure and lack of knowledge. Many people simply didn't understand that students earning online degrees took the same classes as other students, participated in class discussions, and that they were expected to successfully complete assignments, such as research paper writing, in order to pass.

Content a look at the most popular ios apps for students

If you could take a look around our offices, you would see that EvoEssay staff members love their iPhones and iPads. Not only do we love the fact that these devices keep us connected wherever we are, we love the seemingly limitless number of apps that help us do our jobs and enjoy our lives. We use our apps to organize our writing projects, making it much easier to answer your requests that we 'write essay for me', and to organize social events with friends.

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