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A Look at The Most Popular ios Apps For Students

November 16, 2015 - Posted to Education

Content a look at the most popular ios apps for students

A Look at The Most Popular ios Apps For Students

If you could take a look around our offices, you would see that EvoEssay staff members love their iPhones and iPads. Not only do we love the fact that these devices keep us connected wherever we are, we love the seemingly limitless number of apps that help us do our jobs and enjoy our lives. We use our apps to organize our writing projects, making it much easier to answer  your requests that we 'write essay for me', and to organize social events with friends. Over the years, we've also learned that students also love their Apple devices and the apps that are available for them. Let's take a look at the most popular ios apps for students.


If you have ever tried to read a lengthy article from a website that isn't friendly for mobile devices, you know how frustrating this task can be. The Readability app presents articles from these websites in a simple to read view that strips the page of everything that makes it cumbersome to view from your device.


The most simplistic way to describe Evernote is to say that it is a note taking app. The reality is this. Evernote is a comprehensive writing project management utility. Not only do students use the app to jot down notes in class, they can organize those notes into various projects and then search those projects later on.


Not every app needs to have an educational purpose. There's something to be said to unwinding by listening to your favorite music. The Spotify app allows students to listen to their entire library of songs via their Apple device. Using the Spotify app requires that you pay the monthly subscription price for Spotify, however that cost comes with unlimited listening and no commercials.

Wikipedia for Mobile

Let's be clear. You should never, under any circumstances cite a Wikipedia page as a source in a paper. Now, let's be honest, almost every student uses Wikipedia every single day. They use it to look up trivial pieces of information when curiosity strikes about one topic or another. They also use it to begin the research process, even if it is just to get resource links to review. The mobile app just makes it convenient for you to do this through your phone.


Chegg is an app for students who would rather find textbooks to rent than pay for them. Who can blame them, the resale rate of textbooks is absolutely dismal. You can use the Chegg app to shop for books, compare prices, and place orders. One of the best features is that books can be returned with no shipping fees.

Motion X Sleep

If you have a problem with oversleeping, your issue may not be laziness. You could be truly sleep deprived. To find out, you can download Motion X Sleep and put it under your pillow at night. The app monitors your sleep and determines your sleep patterns. Eventually, you can use the app as the ideal alarm clock that wakes you at the optimum time.

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