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7 Ways Meditation Can Change Your Life

January 23, 2016 - Posted to Education

Content 7 ways meditation can change your life

7 Ways Meditation Can Change Your Life

Meditation is older than most religions. In fact, the earliest record of meditation is from 5000 years ago in ancient Hindu texts. While some traditional and strict Christian sects believe that meditation is “evil,” most all religious and secular individuals see great benefits in it.

Defining Meditation

This word is often mis-used. Some consider it just getting quiet, perhaps daydreaming, and just trying to get calm. While meditation is a technique for putting the mind at rest, it is also moving from a normal waking state. A normal waking state is still focused on the external world; a meditative state is a mental movement inward, removing all thought of the eternal world or any events that might be taking place in your physical location. The mind, in essence, is silent.

How Meditation Can Change Your World

Even scientists and medical professionals now accept that meditation is an extremely beneficial activity for physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. When you learn to meditate, real changes take place in your life. Here are 7 of them.

Stress Relief

When we are in a state of stress, we are letting people, situations, and events create anxiety and emotional upheaval. When we can put ourselves in a meditative state, our conscious mind shuts down all of those negative thoughts. When those thoughts leave, our bodies relax and return to a healthy state of operation.

Greater Energy

Everyone who practices meditation consistently states that they have more energy and are much more productive in task accomplishment. This is most likely due to the fact that meditation re-aligns all body systems and allows the brain to renew itself. In a restful state, brains actually work on cell maintenance.

Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

High blood pressure is never a good thing. And while increasing the heart rate through aerobic exercising is a healthy thing to do, it should never be a sustained condition. Through meditation, both blood pressure and heart rate are reduced, primarily through the breathing and relaxation techniques that meditation involves. Doctors now recommend that patients with cardiovascular disease learn how to meditate as a part of their health regimen.

Improve Concentration and Focus

Because meditation is training your mind to concentrate and focus on not thinking, that training transfers over to your normal waking state, and you are able to concentrate and focus better when you must engage in learning or finish up challenging tasks.

Reduces Anger

When we are stressed and when others frustrate us, we can succumb to anger. Here’s what happens once you become consistent with meditation. When situations arise that normally made you angry, you can put yourself in a short meditative state and let that anger go. Doctors now know that anger affects the immune system. People who are quick to anger tend to be ill far more often. So, if nothing else, practice meditation so you don’t catch those colds and flu.

Increases Tolerance

People who meditate regularly lose their need to judge others. And how liberating that can be. You can let others live their lives, engage in the behaviors and activities they choose, and you will feel no need to comment, criticize or judge. You learn that you are only responsible for your actions and emotions.

Increases Creativity and Ability to Problem Solve

One of the big benefits of clearing your mind through meditation is that as you return to a normal waking state, your mind is really clear and fresh. And when that happens, creative ideas and solutions to problems can bubble up and appear. All of a sudden, that issue at work has a solution; all of a sudden you have a unique idea for a business.

Here is your takeaway. Your life will truly change when you take up meditation. You will be physically healthier; you will be less anxious and fearful; you will become energized and full of grand ideas. Life becomes enjoyable and every day is a welcome one.

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