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7 Simple Tips to Activate Your Creativity

January 14, 2016 - Posted to Writing

Content 7 simple tips to activate your creativity

7 Simple Tips to Activate Your Creativity

Because we are a custom writing service, we are always looking for ways to be more creative. After all, ideas for blog posts, articles, essays, and web content have to come from somewhere. What we have found is that each one of us has our own techniques that work for us. However there are a few tips that all of us do seem to use, universally. Since many of our readers also struggle with maintaining a certain level of creativity, we thought we would share these 7 simple tips to boost your creativity.

  1. Get Outside And Enjoy Nature

One of the best ways to renew your creative energy is to get out and enjoy nature. If you are near a park, take a walk and enjoy the trails. If you have a dog, bring her along for some companionship. Even better, try arranging an impromptu weekend trip for a little bit of camping or fishing. Doing something as simple as spending an hour sitting on your balcony looking at the stars can have a positive effect on your creativity.

  1. Enjoy Art And Music

The beautiful thing about working in a creative field is that we have discovered that nothing develops creativity like more creativity. This is why so many of us spend lots of time in local art galleries, watching plays at the local community theater, and going to concerts. It’s a great break from our daily routine, and it inspires us to be more creative as well.

  1. Free Writing

Many of us have discovered that free writing is a great way to generate ideas. Obviously, many of us use this to help generate story ideas, however there are many staff members who also enjoy other creative pursuits. These folks also find that free writing helps them come up with creative ideas for new projects. If you have never tried free writing, it’s quite simple. Just start writing and let your mind wander. You may end up with a poem or short story. You may end up with a random collection of words and phrases. Either way, it will get your creativity flowing again.

  1. Getting a Little Exercise

There is nothing like getting a little exercise when you feel ‘stuck’ in a creative sense. Taking a walk, doing some yoga, or even an hour of some old fashioned calisthenics can help you feel reenergized and more creative than ever. In fact, there’s science to back this up. When you exercise, you increase the flow of blood to your brain. This in turn increases brain function, including creativity. For a sure boost of creativity, try scheduling your workouts just before you need to maximize your creativity.

  1. Changing Your Location

If you work in the same space every single day, you can quickly get into a rut. The best cure for this is to change your surroundings. Don’t stay holed up in your dorm room or office. Grab your laptop and head to the park or a little coffee shop. The change of scenery will give your creative energy a bit of a lift.

  1. Getting Enough Sleep

Just like lack of sleep can cause you to lose your ability to focus, it can also cause you to lose your ability to be as creative as you would like. If you are struggling with creativity, try checking your sleep schedule. You may simply need a few more hours of sleep each week.

  1. People Watching

Watching people is a great activity if you are interested in getting your imagination going. Try spending a couple of hours each week at a mall or outdoor café. Enjoy a nice beverage and then focus on the people walking by. As you see them, ask yourself questions. What is that person’s story? Why do they look so happy? As you create stories in your mind, you will be developing that important creative ‘muscle’.

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