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Pros and Cons of Taking Winter Session Online Courses

November 16, 2016 - Posted to Education

Content pros and cons of taking winter session online courses

There are many areas in the country that are prone to snow storms and other weather-related issues, which means that students may not get the most out of their money if they cannot access their campuses and classrooms. This is especially true during college winter break.

Apart from that, they may need extra credit that they need to work on. This is where winter break online classes come in. Since many colleges are integrating online winter courses into their curricula, the option can also be open to existing students in campus. This can give them a better way to access their winter college classes from the comfort of their dorm rooms and homes, even if the weather will not permit them to attend classes.

Still, like with the regular online course, there are many things to consider when offering winter online courses to students.

Because of the rise of technology and its advances, students can now enjoy the advantages of education from the comfort of their own home. Many students have opted to go to school through online classes, which can sometimes be just as expensive as going to an actual university.

There are, however, major differences between the two types of learning. These are:

  1. Location

Online courses can be taken anywhere and sometimes anytime. Some online courses offer set schedules, while others offer flexible options when it comes to appointments and deadlines. Campus learning, however, offers a student a traditional learning environment that has been effective for generations. Still, the evolution of education is slowly changing and showing improvement in doing away with traditional learning experiences.

  1. Non-academic expenses

If a student goes to class in campus every day, they are subject to certain expenses that are far more significant than those, who take online classes at home. Non-academic expenses for campus-bound students include commute fare, on-site rent and lodging, as well as expensive food options. Taking an online course, however, is significantly cheaper in every regard.

  1. Social integration

Online learning courses may sometimes ask a student to visit a campus once in a while, but that does not provide enough social interaction for a student. There is a balance that needs to be met, when it comes to learning and thriving in an environment with like-minded individuals. On campus, students will inevitably interact with one person or another on a daily basis.

  1. Availability

There are not many online schools or courses available yet, but that is changing rapidly in the coming months and years. More and more school are offering online courses for their students, not just for its accessibility, but also to give students in remote areas to learn more. For now, campuses still offer the most options when it comes to courses.

Pros and Cons of Winter College Courses Online

For winter college courses, there are more factors to consider. It is not just the weather that can affect a student’s grades – it is also their mindset and situation. Here are some of the pros and cons that students may face when taking their winter online courses:


  1. More procrastinating

That is a major problem with studying at home. Students are already having trouble pushing themselves to study. Making them take classes at home will only make them more likely to push back assignments because of the free time they have from not having to walk to school or classrooms.

  1. Physical problems

Being cooped up at home can take a toll on one’s physical health. Although it seems insignificant, being inactive during the winter days can still make a student gain weight or decondition their body. Being at school keeps them active. Staying at home to study all winter will be a huge change that might not yield a positive effect on the body.

  1. Weather issues

Although the point of studying courses at home is to avoid the extreme winter conditions or dispose of the need to trek through snow and rain towards school, students may still face the occasional issue that arises from winter weather, such as emergencies, getting stranded, and not having enough supplies.

  1. Technical difficulties

Winter comes with power outages sometimes. Not only that, it can also affect the signal of most internet providers. This can cause problems with video streams and downloading course materials. Not only that, without power, what can the student study if it’s all in their computers?

  1. Inability to adapt

Some students may not be used to working online. By being in campus every day, the new system may come as a shock. They might crave seeing their friends or even attending huge classes filled with students.

  1. Less learning opportunities

The biggest issue with online winter courses is that a student may not be able to take advantage of the resources they had in campus, such as interacting with their professors and classmates. They will not be able to engage in teamwork and might even fail to study the entirety of the course because they do not have access to their professor’s notes.


  1. Less expenses

When studying at home, students won’t have to spend too much on transportation and food. It also gives them less opportunities to go out since the cold winter nights keep people cooped up at home.

  1. Safety

The point of winter courses is that they keep the students away from school during the winter season. This benefits them because it lets them avoid accidents that occur during winter, any instances that may leave them stranded, and having to adjust their bodies to the extreme weather conditions outside.

  1. More study time

Since students don’t need to walk to classes, cafeterias, and libraries, they end up getting more studying time at home. Other than that, they are less likely to go out with friends because of the weather. Having an online course also ensures that they have to be online and working because of the monitoring systems of these courses. Thus you can also  <!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> improve your writing skills significantly.

  1. Easy access to research

When in class, students are not allowed to go online to prevent social media fixation or other shenanigans. They can only use their gadgets for note-taking and such. At home, they can finally research while studying their online course. This saves them a lot of time; in which they would have had to go out of the classroom to start their research.

  1. Learning self-imposed discipline

Studying an online course also gives a student a different perspective on how they should study. They learn how to keep themselves in check and complete their activities at home. This can be a huge boon, especially when they finally get back to their old ways at school.

  1. Comfort and accessibility to home amenities

The best part of studying at home is that it is comfortable and does not present any distractions. Not only that, the bathroom can be accessed easily without having to wait in line or walk far distances from the classrooms. Don’t forget that you can eat anytime as well.

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