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The Evolution of Christmas Ads from Coca-Cola [Infographic]

December 11, 2015 - Posted to Writing

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Coca-Cola Ad's Evolution

As soon as Coca-Cola’s ads begin to evolve from every single corner, be it the big boards, TV or your local market – the feeling is the same all over the world – winter holidays are here! The association is not that plain simple. The well-known image of Santa Clause actually stems from Coca-Cola’s iconic ad created for the Christmas advertising campaign back at the middle of 20th century. All the components that modern Santa bears – big, jolly, white-beard and red suit – are all were developed by the designers working for the Coca-Cola company for decades. We know exactly what it's like to work on the design and logo of your company. And it's fascinating to watch the evolution and easily to follow it with the infographics below.

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