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5 Must-Have Apps For IT Graduate Students

July 16, 2016 - Posted to Writing

Content 5 must have apps for it graduate students

Whether you’re an IT graduate or working your way towards a degree, it’s always a good idea to keep in touch with current trends. After all, as graduate students you will soon be in charge of either maintaining a company server, programming, or something third that involves being up-to-date with current technology.

There’s no better way to impress your employer and show your student success than by demonstrating how adaptable you are. For example, you can do it by using mobile apps to solve everyday workplace issues. We’ve come to live in a world where we can do almost anything using our mobile phones either on Android or iOS. While it’s important to have quality students’ reading and spend your time studying from legitimate books that will allow you to be better at your job tomorrow, it’s also important to think about everything the digital age offers. Why wouldn’t you use every bit of possibility at your fingertips if all it takes is an app store search?

Remember the time when your phone helped your essay writing and you could look up useful tips and guides on how to do it better? This is much like looking for help to write an essay, only this time you will be paid for your versatility and given a thumbs-up at work. So what are some of the best apps that IT graduates can use in order to differentiate themselves from a regular IT student?

AstroFileManager: You can always use a good file management app on your phone, since there are always piles of cache data just waiting to slow down your phone. While helpful with your phone data, Astro is designed to do one more thing, and that’s content management on your company’s server through a Wi-Fi connection anywhere in the world. You can manage your workplace network with a simple application and you can do so from anywhere. The best of all is that this app is free, so your employer won’t give you any hard time for using it. Just imagine having a clutter on your network and being able to fix the problem momentarily just by taking your phone out of your pocket.

Fing: Fing is another nice monitoring app that let’s you maintain control over each node in your company network. There’s nothing that comes in our out without your know-so and it’s easy to track the internal flow of data. Fing has a built-in ping tool that let’s you test any number of nodes in your network to check their responsiveness and validity, making this app an essential tool in server maintenance jobs. Best of all, Fing is totally free, so there’s no reason no to give it a go.

WifiAnalyzer: This simple app works much like Fing, only this way; it’s not the data inside your network that you will track. Wi-Fi Analyzer let’s you track and maintain control of any internet data coming in and out of your network. This can be handy when internet becomes slow for everyone in your office and no one knows what’s happening. It let’s you track exactly what nodes are using the most bandwidth and also how to find the best Wi-Fi frequency for your network. This app is totally free so there’s no reason not to check it out; it might just be what your workplace needs.

AndFTP: Every IT manager will tell you that FTP protocols inside the network are just as important as anti-virus protection, for the simple reason of file accessibility. AndFTP will allow you just that. You can set up a FTP server and manage your workplace’s network and files from your phone. This is a handy app that serves as backup when you’re not sitting at your desk, since you can do pretty much anything that you normally would with a desktop FTP management app. You can even set-up a file vault much like Drop box that allows you to share your own files with your colleagues if need be. As with the previous apps on our list, AndFTP is completely free for use.

NeoRouter: Last but not least, NeoRouter is everything you could have imagined when it comes to remote access and control. This handy app will allow you to remote access any device on your workplace network, allowing you to fix any minor issues happening on an hourly basis without so much as moving from your desk. NeoRouter works great with other remote desktop apps so there’s no fear of incapability. Best of all the free version is available for a month so you have plenty of time to convince your boss why NeoRouter is good for you. The premium version offer many other options that allow you to streamline your office IT support so it’s a perfect go-to app for anyone who’s working in IT management.

While these are some of the standout options on the market, it’s easy to see how IT students and IT graduates can benefit from using these apps. No longer will you have to measure your student success only by the grades you receive and essay writing but by versatility on the field where it actually counts. There’s no better way to impress your employer, be it on an internship or full-time, than by showing how up-to-date you are with current trends. It’s a characteristic that will get you far in your line of work, especially a field as advanced and fast-developing as IT. 

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