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Getting a Job With an Online Degree

November 20, 2015 - Posted to Writing

Content getting a job with an online degree

Getting a Job With an Online Degree

Years ago, it may have been a real challenge finding an employer who would take an online degree seriously. The reason for this was largely lack of exposure and lack of knowledge. Many people simply didn't understand that students earning online degrees took the same classes as other students, participated in class discussions, and that they were expected to successfully complete assignments, such as research paper writing, in order to pass. Today, this is no longer a problem. Even the most rigorous schools now offer degree programs that can be taken full or partially online. When employers do eye online degrees with suspicion, it is usually due to the reputation of the school where the applicant has received their degree. Unfortunately, there are many schools offering online degrees that simply do not provide a good education. If you want to get an online degree, here are a few ways to verify that you are selecting the right school.

Verify That The School is Reputably Accredited

If a school is not accredited, or is not accredited by a source that is regionally or nationally recognized, any degree that you receive will be practically worthless. It isn't enough to ask about accreditation. You must also verify that accreditation. One way to verify this is to contact the accrediting organization and your state department of education.

Verify That The Degree is Recognized by Other Colleges

If you are attending a school with a decent reputation, other schools will honor degrees and credits from that school. Ask what it takes to transfer credits. If you don't get a straight answer, be wary. It is a good idea to check with other institutions to verify that they accept credits from the school as well. Finally, one tactic that some disreputable schools use is to get another school to 'launder' their credits for them in order to make them transferable to other schools.

Be Wary of Promises and Guarantees That Seem Too Good to be True

If a school promises that anybody can earn a degree in less than two years, or that students are sure to get a job when they graduate, walk away. If a school seems to advertise in the morning or late at night, or they same to target the poor, minorities, and ESL students this should raise red flags as well. Many of these schools see these populations as being “easy marks”.

Be Careful When Considering For Profit Schools

These schools often do not have good reputations. They charge exorbitant amounts of money for fees and tuition, and they often engage in dishonest recruiting policies. Unfortunately, they are able to attract students with open door admissions policies. This makes these schools tempting for students who may not have the grades to get into traditional schools. If you are one of these students, consider a community college instead. You will be able to pursue a degree, establish a decent GPA, and then you will have the option of graduating with a degree or certificate or going on to a 4 year college. You'll also pay a fraction of the tuition. Many of these schools have options for students who wish to study online.

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