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Multiple-Choice Test Taking

All college students and many high school students not have portals on the course instructor’s sites. Here they submit their essays, and other daily assignments. They also upload their take-home essay exams, and take unit, mid-term, and final multiple-choice question tests. Some of these are timed; some are not. Multiple-choice tests are welcomed by some students, because they figure the “odds” of only having 4 choices gives them a pretty good chance of answering enough questions correctly to get a passing grade. Other students, however, may “freeze up” on such tests, and their anxiety may result in a poor grades, even when they actually know the information on which they are being tested.

EvoEssay.com Can Help

If you are a student who is anxious about multiple-choice testing, you can contact us and get some assistance. When you place an order for test-taking, you will complete the order form and provide the following information:

  • The course for which the test must be taken, and any other important details. For example, if you have a test in U.S. history, and it will cover the time period from 1865-1900, or will cover early 20th century Progressivism, then you need to provide that information.
  • The academic level (high school, undergraduate, or graduate)
  • The details of the test (e.g., is it timed or not, how many questions, etc.)
  • The time frame within which the test must be taken and submitted

We will then locate a test-taker with the credentials that match the topic and your grade level. Once we have located your test-taker, you will be notified via email and will be asked to make payment. You will then provide us with your login and password information. We have a single individual who is supplied with logins and passwords, and that individual will connect your test-taker to your portal.

Once the test has been taken, you will be notified, and your login information will be wiped from our system. You’ll get a great grade, and can move on with your rest of your schoolwork!

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