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If you have gone through one semester of college, you have probably discovered that your campus bookstore is the last place you want to go when you need to buy and sell books.

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This blog post is mostly intended for students just beginning their college careers. It is meant to serve as a guideline for what they can expect in the essay assignments they receive in college, and how they can best get through even the toughest writing assignments. Students who read this piece will feel more confident

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So, you want a career as a writer. You have the skills – you’ve either majored in communications or print journalism or taken many courses, all very successfully; you love to write, have a creative “bent,” and people who read what you write sing your praises. Many writers have a book “in their souls,” and they work on it as they are inspired.

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The “big stuff” of content marketing is usually handled quite well if the marketer is well qualified and really enthusiastic about his/her job. Such a marketer always makes sure that the content is fresh, entertaining, educational or inspiring; ensures that content is published or at least advertised on social media.

10 Writing Life Hacks for Students

October 02, 2015- Posted to Writing

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If you need essay writing help, take five minutes to review these great writing life hacks. It will make your work go much faster, and you'll be much more productive.There is no Law that States You Must Write the Beginning of Your Paper First.

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Every year the Princeton Review publishes its lists of college and universities across the U.S. that are distinguishable for a variety of things. One of those lists relates to campuses at which students are the happiest. Obviously, the criteria for judging this is somewhat subjective, but the Review has come up with some data that can be used, in order to take a more objective approach.

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