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Top 5 EvoEssay Choices of Motivational Books for Educators

May 16, 2016 - Posted to Education

Content rsz top 5 evoessay choices of motivational books for educators

We live in a time that the computer is taking the attention away from a living breathing teacher and replacing them with a screen. Many families are opting to forgo public schools, or what they are now calling brick and mortar schools for the home schooled route and search essay writers for hire for children's needs because those don't have a good teacher. But there are still many schools that remain open, and within their walls are the dedicated educators that work hard at being motivators for their students. When buying a gift for these dedicated educators, a book seems to be the appropriate memento that they will treasure. Here are a few that will definitely grace the bookshelves in their offices and become a jewel that they will cherish.

Pocket Prayers for Teachers: 40 Simple Prayers That Bring Peace and Renewal by Max Lucado

When the teacher who receives this book from you is alone and having a quiet moment, which are rare when you are a teacher, be assured that they are entering into a space of their own. This book contains 40 scriptures and prayers chosen especially for them. They are written to give your special educator a mental place of peace that lessens the anxiety of their day that they will run into for days to come.

365 Days of Wonder: Mr. Browne's Book of Precepts by R.J Palicio

We have all written down little mottos that we have heard here and there, some sentiment that we wanted to remember, or precept if you will. This book is filled with ones that will matter to educators that are looking for just the right word of the day for their students. Many teachers will post working principles for their students during the semester to encourage them during times like finals or midterms. This book is just what is needed for the type of educator that cares enough to give of themselves.

The Freedom Writers Diary by Zlata Filipovic

For the teacher that works in the schools that no-one dares take on. The schools where the underprivileged come to overcrowding and low income disasters that the government seems to ignore. For those teachers, sometimes they need an inspirational novel to push them into the right direction, and this is the one. On the New York Times bestseller list and also a major motion picture, Freedom Writers gives educators an inside look into how they too can overcome the worst of obstacles and still teach in classes that many feel are a lost cause. Give more than you think you have, and you will get back more than you came for.

Thank You, Teacher: by Holly and Bruce Holbert

Giving this book to your favorite educator will add you to the list of over 80 people who were interviewed in this collaboration. Each of us can look back and think of a favorite teacher that just made our year much better than any other year in school. This book is filled with those thank yous and stories of hero teachers and how they changed the lives of their students forever.

Organized Teacher, Happy Classroom: A Lesson Plan for Managing Your Time, Space and Materials by Melanie S. Unger

One thing that any educator can tell you is, if they get off schedule by just one day chaos ensues. Teachers know that their day does not end when the bell rings, or the semester is over. They are busy with the next syllabus, upwards of hundreds of papers to grade, that many of them take to their beds at night, and wake in the morning finishing them up. Meetings with their colleagues abound and they never know when the Principle wants to meet with them personally. Parent/Teacher conferences that have to be rescheduled sometimes due to busy parents are some of the worse things that can happen to an already busy teacher. Give your teacher this book, it will make their day to know that you cared about their time and how to organize it.

Whether you are buying a book for your teacher or for your child’s teacher, keep in mind that they are the backbone of our society and many time they are not given the kudos and appreciation from their administrators that they deserve. Stop by the office and tell about your favorite teacher, let their bosses know the deeds that have made a difference in your or your child’s life. You have to do it because many of them are so humble that they don’t even realize how great they are!   

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