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The list of top social media skills of 2016

June 08, 2016 - Posted to Writing

Content rsz the list of top social media skills of 2016

You look at the calendar and think, it’s almost half a year since 2016 came in. Whether you are a fledgling business, or a professional that knows how to stay on top of their social media skills, the one thing you both will agree on is that the skills needed to make your business work online change like the weather. However, what worked at the beginning of the year, may not be in vogue now. Savvy online entrepreneurs know that they must constantly upgrade their online social media skills, and there is a plethora of essays online that can help you stay on top of your game. Whether you buy essays online or read blogs like this one to help you keep in step with changing trends, as long as your skills are continually developed you should be okay. Pull out your mental file cabinet and add these to your arsenal, you can copy paste them too if you want.

Curating Content

Do not confuse this skill with content creation, it’s not. Curating is relatively new but not so new. You do it all the time and didn’t even know you were doing it. What a skilled curator does is gather the most pertinent and interesting content on the web and share it, promote it, and use it to promote their own site. The top way SMM’S (Social Media Managers) curate content is through those that work for the company. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is to make it hard for their employees to share content about them. There are reports that some companies spy on their employees Facebook pages, forcing employees to limit what they share or even to hide their pages from their companies. Utilizing your biggest fan base, your employees, takes tact and flexibility. They have a big reach and you would do well to allow that reach to include your company.

Know Your Videos/ Great Videographers

To be a skilled SMM may not mean that you know how to shoot great video, but you want to be skilled enough to know it when you see it, so that you will share it on your business page. Only if it is relevant should you share video on your page. 2015 was big for video, and 2016 is on the heels of last year like fire. Think about Vine, YouTube, Snapchat, and how many users these platforms attract. Get a firm grip on these moving trends and keep up with any that are starting up. Today any smartphone can be a camera and shoot video, and knowing this big video companies are lowing the standard of what is acceptable content. Learn about online jargon, Internet acronyms, tech translations and more at NetLingo.com.

Learn to Multitask

This skill will keep you sane. You are going to have hundreds of tweets, emails, and Facebookers trying to get to you all at once. While that is going on you will be doing some of the curating we talked about earlier, or you can spend a little bit of that money you are making and buy essays online to fill up space on your money making site while you are juggling all of your new business. Remember you need content other than what you are selling to keep customers engaged on you site.


Look around at your desk. If you sigh and don’t like what you see, start there and get organized. If you are really a slob and teeter on the side of a hoarder, then social media skills have to wait until you clean up your area. You cannot think with all that junk around you and when you are a SMM you have to be able to think from the time you wake up until the time you drop off your feet in front of your screen. This online business is full of information, information that you will be constantly gathering. Clear your mind by clearing up your surroundings, you will thank me later. Use you Microsoft works software or the cheaper (free) Libre Office to create content files and graphs to track your work. Name them according to their type, and do this as you go on. If you do it this way you will not end up with a pile of unmanaged papers like that one that is sitting on top of your desk with coffee spills on it.


It’s very important to understand what your strong sides are, no matter what you field is. Moreover, it’s necessary to know what other people are good at. To achieve goals and to become even better as a specialist, you should surround yourself only with those people who inspire you and who can help you succeed.

It will take time to succeed. Then it will bring you an increased buzz, referrals, traffic, and sales. Social media is not an easy and quick win. It’s about building strong relationships with people. And that of course invariably takes time. Ready! Set! Go!

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