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Most Popular Cities for Higher Education in the United States

October 12, 2015 - Posted to Education

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Most Popular Cities for Higher Education in the United States

There are wonderful colleges all over the United States in cities and towns of all sizes. However, there are a few cities that are especially well renowned for their institutes of higher learning. Recently, we took some time at Evo Essay to discuss among ourselves where we had gone to school, and which cities we thought were the best college towns today. After all, we need a break from all the work we do providing essay, dissertation, and thesis writing help. These cities don't just boast one or more colleges in or near their boundaries. These are cities that offer great environments for students to live, work, and learn. There are good reasons that students flock to these cities. Perhaps, you would be interested in attending school in a city that is popular among college students. If so, keep reading. We have assembled a list of great American cities for college students.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Chapel Hill is part of a trio of cities known as the research triangle. This is because the University of North Carolina, along with other schools within the triangle are extremely attractive to students who are interested in pursuing careers in math, science, engineering, and technology. Great schools, however, are only part of the equation. Chapel Hill is a great city for college students because it offers a great college sports franchise, plenty of excellent places to eat and drink, and many job opportunities in the medical, science, and tech sectors.

Madison Wisconsin

Madison is home of the University of Wisconsin at Madison. It is also a gorgeous city that sits right on the waterfront. Students who decide to live and learn in Madison can enjoy a great nightlife, plenty of opportunities to be active and busy outside, and many great job opportunities should they decide to stick around after graduation.

Champaign-Urbana, IL

Champaign-Urbana is a relatively small city that manages to provide its residence with a bit city feel. The University of Illinois is highly respected college that draws students from all over the country, but that is just one reason that this duo of cities makes the list. Students enjoy life with all of the amenities a college student could possibly want without dealing with the issues of noise pollution and over-crowding that plague bigger cities.

Hartford, Connecticut

This city is home to three colleges, including the University of Hartford. Hartford is a city where history and modern urban living combine to make it a great place for students to call home. The good news doesn't end when students graduate. Hartford is home to the headquarters of many major corporations.

St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is truly a college town. Students who are considering attending college in St. Louis can choose from several world-renowned schools including, St. Louis University, Washington University, University of Missouri St. Louis, Fontbonne College, and Lindenwood University. Students who come to St. Louis to attend school will enjoy the relatively low cost of living, and exploring the various neighborhoods that make 'the 'Lou' such an interesting place to live.

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