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It's never too late for success: 11 entrepreneurs who find success after 40

June 16, 2016 - Posted to Education

Content it s never too late for success 11 entrepreneurs who find success after 40

For many of us, the pursuit of happiness leads to a road that is filled with marriage, a career where you work for someone else that is filthy rich, and our children. We never seem to grab the brass ring, or that thing that kind of looks like a brass ring but its rusted over. We get into our 30s, and begin to think that we better start doing something to make our mark in the world. Then 40 comes and were still not quite there, there being what we thought in college, (for those of us that went to college after high school), would be the top of the gravy chain. Rich! Well don’t be discouraged, there are many entrepreneurs that didn’t get that rusty ring and polish it up until they reached their 40s. For personal growths sake, write an essay on what you think will be the catalyst that shoots you to your brass ring, but before you do that, let’s take a look at some famous folks that made it after they reached 40, proving it is never too late.

Khanyia Dhlomo

Ms. Dhlomo got the bug for media at the ripe old age of 16 after winning a Cover Girl competition. The majority of her career was editing True Love magazine, which she did for 8 years. Taking a leap of faith, she went to Harvard business school to earn her MBA in 2007, and returned to South Africa and partnering up with Naspers, she founded Ndalo Media Company, the largest of its kind in Africa. This is when she struck it big. She gives the credit to bring her youth experience of holding down jobs that she loved into her adult experience. What you do in the past can very well help you grow in the future.

Gary Heavin

If you don’t recognize the name, he is the founder of the gym for women, Curves. Yep! Gary was smitten with the idea when he would go to the gym and the options for women to work out in a safe setting were disproportionate to men’s. He was exactly 40 when he made Curves his piggy bank.

Martha Stewart

Yep! Martha may seem like she been with us forever, but that is due to all the craziness that has gone on in her life while building that 300-million-dollar empire. No more insider trading for you Martha, we love your books and sheets too much.

Grandma Moses

This feisty little lady whose real name was Anna Mary Robertson, born September 7, 1860 and passing on December 13, 1961, is the poster child for doing it after 40. She didn’t bite into fame until she was 73. She began to paint feverishly and sold paintings worth millions. She was a housekeeper all her life and love to dabble in art, but it was her later years that brought her notoriety. You can write a whole essay about the life and times of this lovely lady and never get tired of the facts surrounding her life.

Jack Cover

Policeman everywhere know this name even if we don’t recognize it. This is the guy that invented the Taser. He was an engineer and didn’t invent the world-known device until he was 50. Shocking huh?

Harland Sanders

This mogul had a restaurant out on U.S. 25 out in Corbin, Kentucky when he was young. You got it! The Colonel, the real one was making that chicken we have grown to love way before he sold his recipe in 1964 for 2 million. What he can teach us is that when the government moves in and builds a highway near your business that cuts into your income, just keep pushing for another way around that highway. He decided, when this happened to him, to perfect his chicken recipe and that is why we have KFC today, but that didn’t happen until he was 65.

Wally Amos

Working in a mail room with Mr. Amos must have been a treat. Can you imagine the cookies that he would bring to work for his co-workers? It wasn’t until he was 40 that his Famous Amos cookie company was launched and has since delighted many of kids that open up their lunchboxes to find those chocolate chips inside. These cookies are a favorite in college, but when you write essays please watch your chocolaty fingers on the keyboard!

Vera Wang

The famously talented designer was a figure skater and writer in her early years, and didn’t design her first dress until age 40. You cannot go into any high fashion clothing retailer today without seeing her beautiful designs on display.

Henry Ford

Creator of the famous Model-T car that contributed to industrialization. Henry Ford did not create this marvel until he was 45. If he could see what he started now, he would be amazed.

Momofuku Ando

You may not know that name but if you are a starving student, artist, or entrepreneur you have surely eaten ramen noodles. These delicious, fast, economical filler upper was not created until Mr. Ando was 48, back in 1958. Who knew?

Laura Ingalls Wilder

If that name sounds familiar, it should. She is the writer of the beloved Little House on the Prairie books that became one of the most beloved television series of all time, and she was 65 when they were first published. Good night John Boy!

This is just a few of the many individuals that have stuck to their dreams and made their imprint on the business world through their innovative ideas. Now that you have inspiration, how about writing that essay on how to start at any age for success.

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