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Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas for College Students

October 30, 2015 - Posted to Education

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Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas for College Students

Happy Halloween! We've decided to take a break from our daily tasks of providing research paper, essay, and dissertation writing help. Instead, we will be discussing our favorite holiday, Halloween, and one of the best parts of this holiday, dressing up. Some people might believe that dressing in fun, scary, or beautiful costumes is something that should be left to the little kids. We couldn't disagree more. We believe that Halloween is a holiday for everybody, and that college students shouldn't miss out because other people might think they are too old. We also believe that lack of funds shouldn't stop anybody from dressing up and having fun. This is why we have created this list of creative and cheap Halloween costume ideas for college students.

Ceiling Fan

This one is easy. Take a white T-Shirt and turn it into a sports jersey by writing a number on the back and the word 'Ceiling' across the shoulders. Then, carry a sign that says 'Go Ceilings! Number 1!'.

Crazy Cat Lady

Go to the dollar store and pick up some cheap stuffed cats. If you're really broke, just cut out some pictures of cats. Then, staple the cats to a bathrobe and throw it on. Put your hair in rollers or in a shower cap. Wear your scruffiest pajama bottoms, and accessorize with an empty box of wine.

Frida Kahlo

Glue some flowers to a headband, fill in your monobrow with eyebrow pencil, and give yourself a bit of a peach fuzz mustache. Big earrings and a gaudy necklace will complete your ensemble.


Get some reading glasses and wrap tape around the middle. Throw on socks and sandals and hike your pants up high. Congratulations, you are an instant nerd.


Pair a black outfit with a witches hat from the party store. This is one of the easiest costumes on the list.

Identity Thief

Write a bunch of different names on those “Hi My Name Is:' stickers. Stick them all over yourself and you have no become an identity thief.

Rosie the Riveter

Pair a short sleeved button down with the sleeves rolled up and the midriff tied off with some high waisted pants. Tie your hair up with a red banadana, and you can spend the entire evening declaring 'Yes we can!'

Zombie Prom Queen

Grab an old bridesmaid or prom dress from a thrift store (or your closet). Then, take a pair of scissors to it in order to create a shredded look. Stain the dress with fabric paint, and give yourself a ghoulish make up job. Be sure to play the part by adopting a zombie's gait when you walk.

Angry Old Man

This one takes a bit of commitment, but if you are a guy who doesn't mind wearing a buzz cut, this is perfect for you. Take some clippers and shave only the top of your head so that it resembles male pattern baldness. Grab a cane and a rolled up newspaper for accessories, and dress in a dirty white t-shirt and plaid dress pants from the thrift store. Be sure to remind everybody you see to 'get off my lawn!'.  You can buzz the rest of your hair on November 1st.

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