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Website Review Services from EvoEssay – Thorough and Honest

Smart web-based entrepreneurs have professional site design specialists to create their websites. There are a lot of companies with skilled designers who use all of the latest technology to create sites that are attractive, include media, and make everything easy for visitors to navigate. If you have done this, and think you are finished, think again. Everything in this business evolves quite quickly, and your website may be outdated 6 months into its launch. What you need is a regularly scheduled website review by specialists with up-to-date understanding of all facets of website functionality and appeal.

EvoEssay.com has an entire department that does nothing but review websites, make suggestions for updates and changes, and then implements those changes as the customer wishes.

What Your Review Will Entail

Your personal site reviewer will look at all of the following:

  1. Content layout: Is it appealing with the latest media upgrades? Is the text in good English and easily understandable by the identified customer base?
  2. Navigation: Can visitors navigate easily from one page to another and back again? Is the content on each page structured logically?
  3. Compatibility with all Devices: Mobile devices change rapidly, and you want to be certain that anyone with the latest mobile technology can access your site easily and navigate around.
  4. Speed: This is a critical feature. If people cannot visit your pages quickly, they will tire and move on to a competitor.
  5. Blog: If you do not have a business blog on your site, your reviewer will see to it that the blog is constructed and that it is linked to all of your social media accounts and pages. If you have never had a blog or social media accounts, Evo Essay has another department that can manage all of this for you and even begin posting on your blog, so that you can begin a content marketing campaign. Blogs are hugely important now.

Competition among Internet businesses is tough, and you want all of the features that will bring potential customers to your site and keep them there, converting them into actual loyal customers. Let EvoEssay pros do this for you!

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