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Website Content From Scratch

If your current website is not bringing in the traffic you want, or if you are ready for a new website launch, one thing that you must keep in mind is that great content and the most effective of spreading that content are tantamount to bringing in traffic, keeping visitors on your site, and converting them to actual customers. Here are the thing that “kill” a website

  • Too much content on each page. Your site is not supposed to look like magazine articles – lots of small print and lots of that small print on a page.
  • Content that is boring, that is too sophisticated for your customer base, or that is filled with grammatical and other errors.

Great content keeps visitors interested, entertained, and, at times, amused. So here are the things that are needed:

  • Creative writing is a must. You have to get read attention right away
  • Some content should be contained in visuals and media, in order to break up the lines of text, and important content should be repeated at least a couple of times on separate pages.
  • It goes without saying that a great deal of content should be housed on a blog, and that content should not be selling anything – it is there to give visitors high-interest information or education, to entertain and to amuse them, and to keep them returning for more of what is written.

Most Business Owners Should not be Writing Their Own Content

Obviously, very few business owners have the skill and talent to produce and design content so that it is compelling. This is where EvoEssay comes in. We have a full department of web designers, content writers, blog posters, article writers, and specialists in content marketing. If you need fresh, original, creatively-written content, we are your “one stop shop.”

Content EvoEssay.com and let’s discuss your needs. We can provide a full website review and develop a unique plan for your design and content. And, we are available 24/7, so we will never miss your call or email.

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