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Performance review

Performance Review

Our team comprised of three members who worked in unity and shared responsibilities equally and effectively. Throughout the project, we collaborated so well that each member felt a part and partial of the success we achieved through the project. One of the team member was active and ensured that we beat all the deadlines in carrying out our research for the project. He ensured that all the materials that we required in carrying out the project were available. The rating of this member is 5, outstanding. On the other hand, our other group member was committed in his role of seeking advice and data collection in the project. He ensured that throughout our meetings, all materials needed were available for each member of the group. In addition, he participated effectively in discussions in our pursuit to make the project a success. The member was outstanding in his role and I rate him 5. On my part as the group leader, I ensured that my colleagues were actively involved in the group as I coordinated them. I did much of the organization of the project and thus the success of our project.

In our team, we collaborated well and each member was actively involved in making the project a success. The attendance of the members was excellent and none of them missed any of our meetings. We communicated effectively amongst ourselves with accountability being our motto. The quality of work presented by each of the group members was good. In addition, we maintained good relations throughout our project time and all the group dynamics in our group was good. Nevertheless, there were problems that arose in collaboration. Some of them included misunderstanding and duplication of roles. Luckily, we were able to solve these problems successfully. We talked over, reconciled warring parties, and defined each person’s role well.

In conclusion, I liked the class and the all the learning outcomes described in the syllabus on the first day were achieved. Besides achieving the learning outcomes, I achieved my personal goals that I described in my team charter because through the team, I developed my communication skills and learnt other things from my fellow teammates. In addition, I have improved my writing and presenting skills and no longer become afraid presenting in front of people. This course is helpful to me as I transit to my major field of study and I am sure that this course will be useful to me when I graduate.


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