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Define "family"

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Define “family”

Family is a term that can be approached from different dimensions. The term family includes a wide range of interconnections and associations, many of which do not fit the traditional two parent family portrait. Family consists of a system of shared values and spatial arrangements of supporting each other. The notion of this word mean different thing to different people.

In primitive days, the term family comprised of servants of a household and then both the servants and the descendants of a common origin or ancestry. Its origin can be traced from a Latin word familia which means household. This was not until 17th century when then the term started meaning people linked by blood, that is, father mother and children. In 90, s, a family originally embraced the whole tribe, neighbouriness, friendliness and concern for others.

The dominant elements in those days were the facts of similarity between people and the shared experience of poverty or near poverty. The impression of the private accounts of family life gens was that of putting emphasis of looking after each other. In other words, brotherhood was the main pillar or the cornerstone of the family.

Family is such a powerful term that appeals to us. The term in itself shows a sense of solidarity, shared interest and identity. In early days, common people are distinguished from those of rank, state and the quality of holding something in common that is a sense of common identity and characteristic. During the 90,s there was a real neighborliness .For instance, six or seven families could be in the same house and they would share duties and responsibilities in turn each day. I mean, families will never let anyone starve. They never used to lock their front doors. Not a bit of string, the house was open day and night. Privacy was physically and economically a luxury.

Presently, the increasing number of single parent families as well as the gay or lesbian partners has broadened our understanding of the concept of the family. Family is a special type of a group that cannot be easily captured in a single definition.

The word family is nowadays, a ubiquitous term. It emerges in all kinds of situations though its meaning remains elusive. The contemporary family involves knowing one another because of who they simply are to one another, how much they own and how long they have lived under the same roof together. A family in the modern society is full of selfishness, competitiveness and snobbery being the main themes of a public account of a family.

The fist devastating changes occurred in the rural areas the time when the landowners pursued their policy of enclosure. The complex term of a “family” can be described as an existing relationship or in other case it can be referred as an alternative set of relationship. The most important fact is that family is a unique type of organization of humans, unlike nation and society. It looks like that it never will be used in an unfavorable way, and never will be given any option for distinguishing these terms.

In my opinion, those who sincerely express their love and compassion and will want the very best for you can be regarded to be a family. In a family, there is a sense of safety and an unconditional love. A family should never be limited by blood or genetics. Virginia Satir said, “Feeling of worth can flourish only in atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open and rules are flexible-the kind of atmosphere that is found in nurturing a family.”


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