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Astronomy report





Book review

This book provides a proper introduction to astronomy and basic physical aspects. The book is written by Frank Shu. The book is not only designed for astronomy and physics but it also contains a lot of information that is useful for students’ interested in having knowledge on basic aspects of astronomy and physics. The author begins by providing a proper introduction to astronomy by providing a connection between physics and astronomy. This implies that students in all fields can still obtain interesting knowledge in astronomy without necessarily studying the complex aspects.

The information in the book also touches on specific topics such as environmental issues and liberal arts making it attractive for humanities and also geography students. The book contains important aspects including quantum physics, mechanics and surprisingly microbiology. This knowledge is largely of a great importance as it is useful for students who are only interested in specific knowledge. After handling the basic topics, the author then talks about essentials of astronomy by handling the stars and their necessity in the universe.

The book is strengthened by the exploration of recent findings in the science of astronomy and physics. In as much as it is outdated, the book still contains important information for all kinds of students. The use of various tests between and at the end of each chapter makes the book even more effective. The information in the book is sort of outdated for the current scientist, but it is still an effective supplement for every student. This is an effective text book, but one has to have basic skills before using it. Its eccentric structure makes it effective as an introductory book.


Work Cited

Frank Shu. The physical universe: An introduction to astronomy. Chicago: University Science Book, 2002. Print. 


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