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There are lots of resume writing services job seekers can use. They’re all over the Internet, and here’s how they generally operate. You fill out a detailed form (the same one is given to everyone) that asks for our education, each job you have had, the years of employment in each position, and the task responsibilities you had in each position. You may also be asked to list what you think your strengths are – personal and professional. Ultimately you will receive back a clean looking resume that looks nice and appears to have all of your background and experience organized nicely. The only problem is, it looks like every other resume the company has written for every one of its customers. Nothing about it will cause an employer to take a second look, and your prospects for getting an interview are mighty slim.

Active Participation with a Personal Resume Writer at EvoEssay.com

Our resume services are unique in this industry. First, we do not have standard templates into which we just plug client information. Every client is unique, and every career field has its uniqueness as well. For example, the resume design for an individual applying for position in banking institutions will look very different from that of someone applying to tech start-up companies. The industries are completely different, and so must the language and style of the resume be.

We insist that our clients remain in direct communication with their resume specialists as the process moves forward. And that specialist may present several versions to a client for comment and/or approval. Our goal is quite simple: every client gets a unique piece (or several) that is suited for his/her career field in design, in structure and in style.

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Our clients tell us that, once they begin submitting the resumes that our great writers have produced, they have been selected for many more interviews than before. This can happen for you too.

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