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Job applicant who are not getting those interviews often tell themselves that it is the fault of the economy, that there are just too many applicants for each position, or that there are candidates that have more experience or better educations. What the real issue may be is a lackluster resume that just looks and reads like those of everyone else who also do not get interviews.

Boring Resumes

Yes, most resumes are boring. People within organizations who review them hate the task, because each one looks the same, has the same template and structure, and no one stands out. When they do see one that is unique, they take the time to really review it, and, often, that uniqueness lands the applicant an interview.

EvoEssay.com Turns Boring into Unique and Memorable

Before you send that resume out to one more place, contact EvoEssay. You may not know what makes a resume “pop,” but our pros do. On our team of resume writers and editors, we have design specialists who know what gets a resume noticed and set aside for a further read; we have HR professionals and journalists who work side-by-side, to re-write and restructure the content so that it presents experience, skill sets and strengths in an easily read format.

None of this editing occurs without your involvement. When you place an order and upload your current resume to your specialist, that specialist will contact you for more information. Are you only applying in one specific industry, or are you expanding your search. What specific companies and organizations interest you? Are their specific opening for which you wish to apply immediately? It may be recommended that you have several versions based upon the information you supply. In any case, you will receive drafts for review, and the process will continue until you have the resume(s) with which you are thrilled.

Don’t waste any more time, and don’t send out another resume until you have had it revised by someone who understands today’s job market and is willing to take the time to craft a resume that really “pops.”

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