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Help With Resume Design

If you have not had the need to produce a resume in several years, or if you are new to the mob market and are in the process of developing your first resume, there is a huge mistake you want to avoid – using the standard template that is plastered all over the Internet or seeking help from people who have only a traditionalist view of design, structure, and content of a resume. If you do this, you resume will be one of hundreds just like it, and it will be given about 15 seconds of perusal by an HR professional, before it is placed in the “ho-hum” pile. Everyone has a career objective at the top of his/her first page; everyone provides a chronological history of education and experience; every one lists what they did at each job and the reasons for leaving; everyone tries to “hide” unemployed periods; and everyone follows the traditional advice to use a high quality tan or light gray paper with no more than maybe a nice border These are boring and lackluster pieces.

You Need to be Unique

Resumes that catch the attention of reviewers look different visually, and they do not use the standard chronological format of background and experience. If you want yours to be one of the unique ones, you need a professional designer and writer working together to craft it. This is exactly what you get at EvoEssay.com.

Our Goals for All of our Resume clients

We want “classy” but unique. And that is exactly what we deliver. When someone comes to us for a resume, we spend a lot of time gathering all of the information on a client’s background. Then we weave that background into “thematic” units of skills and strengths. The physical design includes use of color and graphics that are pleasing to the eye and yet cause that document to immediately grab attention. The other unique feature of our resume development team is that they take the time to research each company to which a client will be applying, and to develop several resumes that speak to each company’s mission and goals.

If you want truly stunning resumes, you will want to contact us right away. And you can always get as many variations as necessary in order to highlight skill sets that are valued by each company to which they will be submitted.

Don’t be part of the “pack.” Be the “leader” with an engaging and visually appealing resume from EvoEssay.

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