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Research Summary Writing

If you've ever participated in or conducted a research project, you know that one of the final steps you must undertake is writing the research summary. A research summary is a way of communicating the results of your research to others. While the specifics may vary from institution to institution, there are elements that are considered to be standard among all research summaries. If your college has provided you with a research summary template, here are a few of the required elements that you are likely to see:

  • A summary of your research findings
  • Research that still needs to be performed
  • Search keywords
  • Any barriers to your research
  • A description of the research methodology that you used
  • Any recommendations that have come as a result of your research
  • Suggestions for practical ways to implement those recommendations
  • Any publications if applicable
  • Annotated bibliography

It is important to keep in mind that each element has a required minimum and maximum number of words.

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