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Math Research Problems

Very few people will be involved in mathematical research – in fact, to most people, the idea of doing research in math just sounds odd. It’s not like a research question in biology or psychology. And yet graduate students in math can expect to be presented with a number of research problems.

Generally, there are two types of math research problems – those that involve theorem proving and problem solving, or those that involve theory building. In both cases, students will need to study all material that is relevant to the problem, look at how others have solved similar problems, and to look at solutions that did not work and to determine why they did not. It then involves developing options that might work and testing them. In many instances, the researcher does not come to a solution, but merely demonstrates what will not work for the benefit of future researchers.

It’s Complicated

Yes, math problem research is complicated, and students can feel as if they are spinning in circles as they conduct their research and try to come up with new solution options. When a due date looms, moreover, that “spinning” gets worse, and panic set in.

Calm the Panic

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