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Writing the Reaction Paper

The reaction paper seems to be an assignment most commonly given to students in social science and other humanities courses, although many issues in science and technology are now lending themselves to such work. At first look, they may seem relatively simple, but don’t be fooled. Such assignments can be a bit more complex than you think.

What a Reaction Paper Entails

First, you are given a piece of text to read – it may be an essay, a journal article, or a speech that a recognized person in a field has produced. You will then be asked to analyze the piece, sometimes by specifically provided criteria. It is not enough that you simply present your opinion about what you read. You will have to reflect on what was stated and think about it critically. Some of the questions that help in the writing of a reaction paper include the following:

  • What is the argument, claim or purpose of the author – his/her thesis, if you will
  • What is the evidence that has been presented?
  •  Are there any weaknesses? For example, in making an argument, has s/he left out evidence that would counter that argument?
  • Why is this topic and thesis important, according to the author and to you?
  • Provide a brief statement of your overall response to what you have read

Your essay or paper will follow standard structure – introduction, body, and conclusion – so no surprise there. What may be difficult will be organizing your points and, of course, expressing yourself well.

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