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Personal Statement Writing

One benefit of graduating from college and pursuing a Master’s level or professional degree is that you are now closer to entering the career field of your dreams. This is definitely a very exciting development in your life. However, there are steps you must take in order to gain admission into the graduate program of your choice. One of the tasks you must complete is writing your personal statement. Your personal statement is your opportunity to convince the admissions committee of your potential graduate school program that you are a good candidate for their program.

In some cases, your personal statement will be an essay(s) based on a question, or series of questions that have been provided to you. In other cases, your personal statement will simply be an essay of your own choosing, that you believe will best convince the committee of your commitment and qualifications. One of the difficulties many students encounter when writing their personal statement is in balancing their professional/academic qualifications (e.g., research projects, published articles, job experience) with their personal qualifications (e.g., hardworking, personable, team player, leader).  It's also very difficult to understand what to include in a personal statement simply because you haven't written one before.

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