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Math Optimization Tasks

Students of calculus and physics will understand the term “math optimization,” and a collective “groan” can usually be heard in a calculus or applied mathematics class in which such a problem has been assigned. Why? Because these problems are long and complex indeed and can take several days to complete. Added to that are some pitfalls which will result in starting all over (e.g., confusing the two important quantities – the one that is the constraint and the one that is to be optimized).

Math optimization problems can also be assigned in computer science and economics classes, and while the concept on its surface is not complicated (finding the optimal solution given any number of functions),the algorithms required to solve these types of problems can be just horrific for students who have not taken and passed upper level calculus and mathematical analysis courses.

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  • Direct contact with your expert as each stage of the solution is completed. You can receive your solutions in stages along with an explanation of the computations, so that your understanding is heightened and clarified. Getting assistance will become a learning experience as well, and that is important as your go forward in your coursework.
  • You will have control over all of the details of the optimization task, including specifying which solution method you want used – first derivative test, absolute extrema, or second derivative.
  • You are guaranteed confidentiality any time you use the services of EvoEssay – we protect the identities of all of our clients through encryption and firewalls.

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