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News Articles – You Need Them!

One of the most popular and effective means to advertise your web-based business is through news articles that can be published on your site, on your business bog, and on other sites and blogs. They can also be strategically placed on social media sites and in article directories.  Well-crafted news articles that serve to promote you and your brand will generate traffic to your site and to your brick and mortar establishment. More traffic means more customers.

What is Newsworthy?

First, you must understand that print, hard copy publications are on the way out. There are some neighborhood publications that still feature local businesses, but they are fast disappearing as well. News articles are now published in strategic places on the Internet, and they are used to promote business brands and relationships with customers.

Almost anything can be newsworthy if there is some human interest, some informational or educational purpose, or some announcement to make about your business. The key is to have exceptional copy that will grab readers’ attention and make them think of you when they need products or services that you sell. The goal is to get your brand name out there and to get it recognized. Creative, humorous, and compelling news articles can do this.

Where to Publish News Articles

Certainly, a news article can be published on your site or your business blog. Then, you can use your social media presence (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) to drive people to that article. Or, you can publish the article directly on your social media pages. Another good spot is to publish it on other blogs, if you are able to reach some kind of reciprocal arrangement with those blog administrators. Still another place is on article directories. All of them have guidelines for submissions, but you can usually insert at least one link to your site within the article.

EvoEssay.com Article Writers

Our news article writers create great copy for news articles and know exactly where and how to get news articles spread throughout the Internet. When you make the wise decision to come to Evo Essay, you will get a personal writer/consultant who will develop a plan for regular news article releases in all of the most strategic spots for your business niche. S/he will spend a lot of time in discussion with you to identify all of the potential subjects for articles, send you completed articles for approval, and then move quickly to get them “out there.”

Don’t waste another minute. Your competitors are spreading articles on a regular basis, and you do not want to be left “in their dust.” Get in touch with us right away, and we can get your campaign started immediately.

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