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Math Modeling Tasks

Math modeling projects cross many curricular areas today, and students who are not really adept in math and who have taken only the minimum requirements of an institution, are understandably anxious about a math modeling task – in fact, they may not even understand the concept of modeling.

In effect, mathematical modeling is an attempt to describe a real world phenomenon in mathematical terms. Today, elementary children are provided simple math modeling tasks, and when they are in college they will understand the concept. Unfortunately for you, terms such as linear programming or queuing theory are probably similar to a “foreign language.” And you may find such assignments in business, economics, architecture, and health care, along with regular math-related coursework such as engineering, medicine and, and research in science fields.

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How the Process Works

Once we have assigned an expert to your math modeling project, the following will happen:

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  • Your project will be completed by the deadline you have given us.
  • Your expert will also provide an explanation of how the project was devised, so that you have a better understanding of the entire concept and the steps required to complete such a task in the future.
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