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LinkedIn Pro Bio Profile

LinkedIn is the fastest growing online networking site for career and business professionals. When it began, it supported the idea that professionals should be able to set up a profile page, invite associates to be a part of their network, and then take advantage of all of the contacts that those associates had. The best visual concept is that of a spider web, with increasing numbers of contacts as time went on and one’s “web” of contacts grew rather exponentially.

Today LinkedIn service has this original purpose but much more. Its evolution has created a large number of “offshoot” purposes, such as discussion and other sub-groups one can join specific to his/her career niche. More recently, it has also become a clearinghouse for matching job seekers with open positions, and applicant materials can now be directly emailed to potential employers from the site itself, and potential employers can access individual profiles as they seek strong candidates. Having a LinkedIn profile has just become a “must” for today’s professional.

Getting the Profile Bio Right

A lot of people who join LinkedIn produce their own bios and profiles. They get on the site, study what other similar professionals have written and then try to emulate those as they create their own. If you do this, then you are looking like everyone else, and nothing sets you apart from others with similar career jobs. You need to be unique, and here’s how.

Get a Unique Professional to Create Your Bio and Profile

Creating your LinkedIn content is a lot like having a permanent resume out there for anyone to see. Would you want your resume to look like everyone else’s? Of course not! And this is why you need a personal profile/bio writer who is as much a journalist as s/he is a resume writer. This combination of skill sets allows that writer to present you in wholly unique and creative ways. Your strengths and background will be highlighted, of course, but in very different ways than the standard boring method used by most who join this important site.

EvoEssay.com has put together a small team of specialty writers just for LinkedIn profiles and bios. A personally assigned member of this team can create yours and provide it to you for your review and comment. As with any of our writing offerings, the client will remain our customer until s/he has exactly what is desired. Once you see what our profile and bio writers can do with your information, you will understand why so many choose our service for this purpose.

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