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At EvoEssay.com, we are proud to say that we have never encountered an essay style or an essay topic that we could not conquer. We are so lucky to have such a talented and hard-working group of writers working for us, and we know that no matter how challenging your essay writing assignment is, we can help you. We invite you to read this much abbreviated list of essay styles and essay topics just to get an idea of the variety of subjects that we are capable of handling. As a bonus, if any of these essay ideas are appealing to you, feel free to use them, or if you place an order with us, let your writer know! S/he will be happy to comply with any topic suggestions that you have.

Topics Related to Research Essays

Out of all of the various types of academic papers that we write, research papers and essays are probably the most in demand by our customers. You would think that would make it difficult to come up with interesting research essay topics, but the truth is, our writers always manage to come up with something new. Here are just a few of the topics that our writers have addressed lately:

  • Do schools that serve students breakfast have higher test scores?
  • In cancer patients, are stem cell based therapies more effective than standard treatments?
  • Which method of community policing is most effective in urban communities?
  • Does attachment parenting result in more well-adjusted children?
  • Will increasing weight training result in an overweight female losing more weight on average over the course of forty days?
  • What are the impacts of a later school day for teenagers?
  • What are three strategies that western countries should employ when dealing with North Korea?
  • What are the causes of a patient going off of anti-psychotic drugs?

All essays and papers must have a thesis, and that thesis is often defined by the purpose for which the essay is written. In order for you to understand this concept, we have listed below typical types of essay purposes, along with some thesis statements our writers have devised that would be excellent examples for students in a wide variety of courses.

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Help with Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay is one in which the writer tries to persuade the reader that a certain idea has more merit than other ideas. Persuasive essay topics can cover an almost limitless number of academic subject areas. We are proud to say that our writers have managed to think up some good persuasive essay topics over the years. We believe that you will be impressed with at least a few of the topics for a persuasive essay on this list. Here are just a few examples of topics for persuasive essays that our writers have tackled:

  • Banning cars that are more than fifteen years old is the only truly effective way to reduce emissions.
  • Corporate sponsored space travel is going to have tragic results.
  • The use of food stamps needs to be more closely regulated.
  • There should be a federal mandate allowing for the carrying of concealed weapons.
  • The FDA should be able to license and approve cannabis oil derived treatments for cancer and epilepsy.
  • Inexperienced auto mechanics rely too strongly on modern diagnostic tools.
  • The merging of journalism with entertainment is a good (bad) thing.
  • Having a good bedside manner is over-rated.
  • Capitalism will not work for every country.

Informative Essay Topics

Just as its name would suggest, an informative essay is a written work in which the author simply provides the reader with information on any given subject. The key to writing an interesting informative essay is in the presentation. The writer must use his or her writing skills to communicate information to the reader in a way that is compelling. Our writers at EvoEssay.com, have a real talent for that. Here are just a few of the informative essay topics that our writers have covered:

  • How turtle hatchlings find their way out to sea
  • The process of converting water into hydrogen fuel
  • The impact salt on the process of curing meats
  • The childhood of Bill Clinton
  • The impact of small appliances on internet connectivity
  • The importance of routing water in the construction of homes in Florida
  • The steps required to drill for oil under the sea
  • How to roast a chicken
  • How to test pool water and add the proper amount of chemicals
  • How to care for a koi pond

Classification Essay Topics

A classification essay is an essay in which the writer sorts related people, items, experiences, or events into different categories. For example, a classification essay on vacations might categorize different vacation experiences into categories such as family friendly, adventurous, educational, or indulgent. In order for our writers to conceptualize classification essay topics, they must provide a narrative that makes sense to the reader. Here are a few essay questions related to classification essays that our writers have helped answer:

  • What are four ways in which to classify juvenile offenders?
  • What categories are the best fit for weight loss programs?
  • What are the proper classifications for small engines?
  • How many categories should there be for diet plans?
  • What are the best sub-classifications for science fiction novels?
  • How many categories should there be for anime movies?
  • What is the best way to classify children's educational games?
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Proposal Essay Topics

In a proposal essay, the student must accurately describe a problem, propose a solution to that problem in the form of a thesis, and then support that thesis in the body paragraphs of the essay. Our writers particularly enjoy proposal essays because it allows them to utilize their creative thinking skills. Since we have been in business, our writers have come up with several proposal essay topics. Please take a look at just a few of them:

  • What is the best solution to traffic congestion caused by commuting from bedroom communities?
  • What is the best way to negotiate for a raise?
  • How should parents convince kids to spend less time on social media?
  • What are some strategies a child can use when dealing with a bully?
  • What is the ideal way to deal with a pushy sales person?
  • What can be done to educate people about institutionalized racism?
  • What are some community based solutions for homelessness?
  • How can relationships be improved between citizens in a community and the police?
  • What is the best way to ensure that all members of a family enjoy a vacation?
  • What is a solution to the problem of school overcrowding?

Essays on Controversial Topics

It is during the college years that students learn to express strong opinions and ideas on controversial topics. In order to assist students with this, our writers have taken on the job of writing essays on many contentious topics. Here are a few of the controversial essay topics that our writers have used:

  • Should sex education be taught in schools?
  • Should cities be allowed to ban the construction of mosques?
  • Are we really living in a post racial society?
  • Are president Obama's foreign policies better than those of former President Bush?
  • Should individuals be allowed to carry guns in public buildings?
  • Should food stamp recipients only be allowed to purchases specific types of food?
  • Should juveniles who commit murder be eligible for the death penalty?

Topics for Evaluation Essays

When a student writes an evaluation, s/he is comparing one thing to another, and then rating whether or not the comparison is favorable. Sometimes, the object of comparison is evaluated against another similar object. In other cases, the evaluation is done against a generally accepted standard. Here are some evaluation essay topics that we have covered in recent years:

  • Evaluate the coaching style of your college football coach
  • Does your local youth sports club provide adequate activities for girls?
  • Did Netanyahu’s speech before Congress cause more damage than good?
  • Evaluate how a local ethnic restaurant's dishes match up with homemade dishes from the same cuisine.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a peer mentoring program at a college or high school
  • Does the science of eugenics hold great promise for the future of mankind or great dread?
  • Write a movie review on a film that has been released in the last six months
  • Watch six episodes of a comedy television series and write a review
  • Write a review of a productivity related phone app
  • Which is a better choice for a student, a laptop or tablet?
  • Compare the craftsmanship of an antique table with one that is mass produced
  • Is the current Republican push for dismantling the Dodd-Frank Law dangerous for our economy?

As anybody can see, our writers are capable of taking on virtually any challenge when it comes to writing essays. Remember that no matter what the topic is, our writers will always compose an essay for you that is 100% original. So, please keep challenging us with your difficult to handle essay subjects. We love the challenge!

Give Us Your Challenges!

Anytime that you need essay writing help, please visit EvoEssay.com. One of our customer service staff members will answer any questions for you and will help you to place your order with us. Remember, too, that at EvoEssay, every client is guaranteed confidential assistance, completely original writing that is produced by only the most highly qualified writers in the business, direct communication with his/her writer, a customer service department that never closes, and a guarantee that his/her writer will continue to work on a product until it is totally satisfactory. 


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