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We’ve all been writing essays since about the 6th grade. Granted, those early assignments were pretty simple, but we learned the basic structure for most essay writing – an introduction, a few body paragraphs, and then a conclusion. The topics were pretty simple too – describe your favorite pet; write about your best vacation; who is your hero and why. It wasn’t until we got into late middle and high school that teachers began to talk about topic, thesis statement and purpose. The topics also got a bit more complex, we had to develop a good thesis statement, and essays had purposes – to describe, to compare/contrast, to persuade, etc. if we got essay help at all, it was probably from older siblings, parents, and, in some instances, from our teachers. Some kids might have heard of custom essay writing services at that time, but most had not.

Some students really like to write and are quite skilled; most students, however, see essay writing as a burden they must bear in order to get through school, and each new essay assignment is met with a groan and a calculation of how much time must be spent hammering it out for a mediocre grade. So they begin to look for essay writing - help that will take away the burden and bolster their grades. If they come to EvoEssay, they will get just that kind of help.

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What Essay Help from EvoEssay.com Means for You

If you are not skilled in academic writing, and you are looking for a writing service that produces original and fully customized essays according to your instructions, then you will find no better company than EvoEssay. We work personally with every client to give him/her the most qualified writer for the essay need. All of our work for clients is confidential, and all of our writing is 100% original and produced for only one client. It has never been seen before and will never be seen again. We have degreed topic specialists who are accomplished researchers and writers, and we will always match your order with the most suitable writer. Every day we receive orders for all types of essay writing, including the following:

Descriptive Essays

Once only assigned in English courses, descriptive essays have found their way into any number of courses. Thus, you may be asked to write an essay describing a person, the process by which a virus multiplies in a cell, the use of pointillism in impressionistic art, etc. In this type of essay, you must be very careful to give the reader a complete picture of what you describe, appealing to as many senses as possible. Using figurative language is quite helpful as well. Consider these two descriptions of a tornado: “The winds came up quite quickly, the noise was deafening, and houses, trees and cars were completely destroyed.” Or “the monster arrived, howling and growling, wrapping his huge arms around everything in his path, and with one large swipe reducing houses to rubble and trees to dead prone fixtures, their tangled roots ripped from their resting places.” Obviously, the second description provides a more vivid picture. If this kind of writing is not a strength for you, descriptive essay writing is available from our creative and experienced staff of writers.

Narrative Essays

A narrative tells a story, sometimes your own, sometimes completely fictional. You will need to have skills in the use of figurative language as you describe people, scenes and events; you may also need to insert conversation. If you don’t enjoy this type of assignment, you can always get help with essay narrations from us. Some of our writers are fiction authors, and they love this kind of assignment.

Expository Essays

This assignment requires you to explain something – capitalism, socialism, process by which a bill becomes a law, gene mutations, thermal dynamics, etc. Because such essays are topic-specific, we always assign writers with degrees in those fields, so that the explanation is written from a point of conceptual understanding. Expository essays have several sub-categories too, such as classification, so if you have been asked to write an expository essay of a specific type, be certain that you give your personal writer that information.

Compare/Contrast Essays

The best method of organizing your thoughts for this type of essay is a Venn diagram, in which you can place the similarities in the intersecting portion and the differences in the outside arc spaces. Writing the essay, however, can be a bit tricky, especially if you are asked to compare and contrast within the same essay. A well, there may be research involved, as you develop a full understanding of the two things, concepts, theories, strategies, etc. to be compared/contrasted. This is especially true in technical, scientific, and business fields. If you struggle with this kind of writing, college essay help is available, with content specialists in any topic area.

Persuasive/Argumentative Essays

Research will definitely be required in order to present information and data that will support your position or argument. As well, this information must be organized well and written so as to compel the reader to agree with you. If time has gotten away from you and you need such an essay quickly, send your topic and a statement of your position over to EvoEssay and get the best essay help from a writer with a degree in the field of your topic.

Definition Essays

Topics for definition essays are usually abstract ideas – what is a hero, justice, love, loyalty, and so on. The dictionary is not your source here – rather your sources are an accumulation of your own thoughts and those of others who are widely read. You will need to divide the concept into all of its facets and treat them one at a time. Or, you will need to present the definitions of others and then synthesize them in a conclusion. These writings are a bit more complex than you might at first think, so if you want some exception writing essay help for your definition assignment, we have the writer perfectly suited for the task.

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Response/Reaction Essays – a Common College Essay Help Request

These essays are analytical in nature. You will be required to read or view something and write an essay that analyzes the points that are made, and evaluating them for validity and soundness of presentation. You might, for example, be asked to read the text of a speech given by a political figure, take it apart, identify and evaluate each point, and then put it back together and provide an overall impression in your conclusion. These essays take time, for often the piece must be read or viewed several times as you reflect on what is actually being said and the point-of-view of the author.

Admissions and Scholarship Essays

We have a department of creative writers who focus specifically on these personal statement type essays. You send over your essay prompt(s), as much information as possible (your writer will probably contact you with more questions), and you will have an engaging, compelling essay that will be unforgettable!

A Word about Topic, Purpose, and Thesis

Every essay that is written will have these three things determined in advance, prior to any writing. The topic, of course, is the subject about which you are to write; the purpose is defined by the type of essay you are to write – descriptive, persuasive, reaction, etc. The thesis is something you decide. What it the main point you are making? Why is what you are writing important? What do you want the reader to take away from this essay? When you answer these questions, you will have your thesis. If you have difficulty determining a thesis statement, leave it up to your EvoEssay writer – s/he will produce a great one for you.

Why EvoEssay.com is the Preferred Choice of Thousands

Students can get online essay help from any writing service. What they can’t get, however, is the quality and service that EvoEssay gives. Here are a few important features of our service that you will not find at most other writing companies.

  1. Each order is assigned to a specific writer based upon the genre, the topic, the academic level of the client, and the order specifications.
  2. Each finished piece of writing is reviewed by a quality assurance team member. It is checked for several things – quality of writing, compliance with all client instructions, authenticity of resource materials, and plagiarism (using a sophisticated software scan). If anything is not right, it is sent back for revision before it is delivered to a client.
  3. The client has direct access to his/her writer at all times.
  4. Our customer service office is open 24 hours a day to handle all questions or problems
  5. If there is anything the client does not like about the finished writing, s/he may ask for revisions and receive them quickly.
  6. We honor all deadlines. If we take the order, we deliver it on time.
  7. All customer receive completely confidential service with their identities protected by the latest technology and encryption tools

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