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Dissertation Chapter – Results

This chapter of your dissertation (4) is the most important because it is the one in which you provide an analysis of all your research results and point to their significance. This is where the statistical analysis is reported and tables and graphs provide good visual representations of your analyses. As you construct this chapter, there are a few things to remember:

  • Every result that you analyze and report must directly relate back to some method in your previous chapter.
  • Be certain that all results you are reporting relate directly to your initial research question. You may get some results that don’t relate – don’t include them.
  • Remember to number and title all tables and figures.
  • Your explanation of the results should be in scholarly prose. You may briefly allude to some discussion, but the real discussion must be contained in the following chapter.

So, for this chapter, you need to be a solid mathematician and an excellent writer, not to mention graphic designer. That’s a tall order for a single individual. For this reason, if dissertation writers seek any help at all, it will usually be for this chapter.

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