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Dissertation Chapter – Methodology

Your methodology chapter (3) is the “meat” of your research study. Here is where you explain how your methodology was developed and why it is the best methodology for the study you are completing. You must also point to any constraints or nuisance factors that will in any way skew the results and how you are providing for those factors. The obvious other component of this chapter is inclusion of the instruments you have designed to conduct the research and the data you collected from those instruments.

You Cannot Afford Mishaps

Your Methodology and Results Chapters are absolutely critical to the validity of your study and to ultimate committee approval. The methodology chapter must be finely tuned and perfectly organized. And if your collected data is to be included in this chapter, you will need the graphics to provide accurate visual representations. A lot of students struggle with this chapter for two reasons:

  1. Their instruments may be collecting data they do not intend to collect, and that data may skew the results; or they may not be collecting all of the data they should be.
  2. Their organizational and composition skills may be lacking somewhat, and the chapter thus lacks coherence and a scholarly presentation.

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