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Dissertation Chapter – Literature Review

That proposal has been approved, and you are on your way. The next big step is to construction chapter 2, the literature review (you don’t want to write chapter 1 until the entire work is finished). You have already done a bit of initial research for your proposal, but now it is time to dig in and get serious about the really in-depth research that must be completed, the synthesizing of all of the research, and the construction of a chapter that will be coherent and perfectly written.

Getting Some Great Help

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and frustrated with your literature review, EvoEssay can certainly help. We have Ph.D. scholars in all subject fields and we have access to ProQuest. You can get a personally assigned expert to comb through all potentially related research and to select those studies that are the best match for your research question. In fact, your expert will probably already be intimately familiar with the literature on your research question and be able to locate it quite quickly. You have a couple of options here:

  1. You can ask just to be provided a list of the most current and relevant research, so that you can proceed on your own from there.
  2. You can ask your expert to pull that research, summarize it, and prepare your literature review from scratch.
  3. You can ask for anything in between the first two options – the choice is yours!

How We Operate

When doctoral candidates come to us for assistance with their dissertations, we want them to be able to choose as little or as much help as they need. To accomplish this, we assign a single Ph.D. consultant to the client, and they work out all of the details between themselves.

Our fees are based upon the nature and depth of work you request, and you will find them quite reasonable. We also offer discounts for large projects, such as dissertations, and that just “sweetens the pot” for the client.

We always work in confidence with all of our clients, and never disclose or share customer identities.

You can order any type of dissertation assistance you need and always know that you have a fully qualified academician working with you.

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