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Dissertation Chapter – Introduction

Your dissertation introduction chapter sets the stage for what is to follow. It is, in essence a “road map,” so that your reader has a clear picture of the intent and the results of your research study. In it, you will be including the following:

  1. A stunning or compelling opening statement that grabs the reader’s attention immediately. Perhaps you want the reader to know that 14 million children face food insecurity every day; perhaps you want the reader to know that scientists can now manipulate genes that impact the physical or intellectual capacity of yet unborn children.
  2. A clear statement of your research question. What is it that you have set out to accomplish through your research?
  3. A statement of the significance of your research and how it should inform future research.
  4. Any constraints that impacted your study.
  5. A brief – very brief- statement of the literature you reviewed that has driven your research (note: you are not going to delve into this literature – that is for the next chapter).
  6. Briefly state that your research has resulted in some significant conclusions, but reserve the details for chapter 4 or 5, dependent upon your specific structure.

It’s Hard to Write the Introduction

You want the reader to be compelled to read your entire work; and yet, you do not want to “give away” too much in this chapter. The details will all follow in ensuring chapters. So, it is sometimes difficult to choose what to include and what to leave out. And, since the introduction is usually written last, there are important decision to be made regarding how much to reveal.

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