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Dissertation Chapter – Discussion (Conclusion)

You are now getting close to the finish line, but do not think that you can slack off in any way. Your discussion chapter may, in fact, be the most complex from an organizational standpoint and may, indeed be the longest chapter of your entire work. Here are the purposes and some tips for writing your discussion chapter.

  • You are going to interpret the results form you statistical analyses
  • You are going to provide an answer to your research question
  • You are going to justify all that you did
  • You are going to evaluate your study so that future researchers can learn its strengths and its constraints/limitations
  • A few tips:
  1. Write this chapter in the present tense
  2. Relate the points you make back to your literature review
  3. Make recommendations for further study
  4. Begin with a solid outline, so that you do not leave anything out and so that chapter will have a good organizational structure

Are You Nervous?

It’s understandable if you are. This is the chapter that will bear great scrutiny from your committee and will be the basis for much of what you are asked in your oral defense session. If you leave anything out, you will be re-writing it, to be sure. So, it stands to reasons that you will want, if nothing else, to have an objective review of this chapter before it is finalized. You can get that review, and, actually, much more from EvoEssay.

Getting it Right the First Time

You can “purchase” some insurance on your discussion chapter by contacting EvoEssay and getting a Ph.D. field specialist to review your chapter, to help you write your chapter, or to review all of your previous chapters and prepare the entire chapter for you. This gives you the evaluation and/or writing you need, any expert suggestions for improvement, and a finished product you will be proud to submit and happy to defend. You will enjoy full confidentiality and collaboration with someone who has an earned doctorate in your field.

It’s all about the final product – make sure yours is as good as it can be!  

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