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Dissertation/Thesis Proposal

Whether it has to be submitted to your advisor or to an entire committee, your thesis or dissertation proposal must follow your department’s format and contain very specific sections. At the same time, it must be succinct and relatively short – you cannot waste any words. In general, that proposal will include the following:

  1. A scholarly statement of your research question or hypothesis
  2. A short summary of the major literature you have already studied
  3. A statement of your research objectives
  4. A justification of your research in terms of what you intend to contribute to your field
  5. An explanation of the methodology you intend to use in your study
  6. A timeframe for completion of each chapter

All of this must be reduced to approximately 10 pages for a dissertation, and sometimes less for a Master’s thesis proposal. And that page limit includes your bibliography.

The biggest challenges in preparing a proposal are these:

  • Ensuring that it contains enough information that allows your advisor or committee to fully understand what you intend to do and why it is important.
  • Ensuring that it strictly meets your departmental format and guidelines
  • Ensuring that it is reflective of scholarly writing

It is common for proposals to be revised a few times, based upon “constructive” criticism of those who must approve. While this can be frustrating, it does not have to be. Many students seek outside assistance for their proposals, and EvoEssay.com is an extremely popular spot for that assistance.

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