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The Dissertation Abstract

As you conducted your literature review for you dissertation, you read many research abstracts. The abstracts gave you good information about the specific research that occurred and allowed you to determine if that study was one that should be included in your full literature review. Now your dissertation is finished, and you must write a similar piece describing what you did and why it was significant.

The abstract will be published along with your dissertation and will provide a summary of your entire project. Remember, its purpose is so that future researchers can determine if your research should be included in their literature reviews. Generally it will include the following elements:

  • Your research question stated clearly
  • A brief summary of the following chapters – your methodology, your results, and your discussion/conclusion. Perhaps the most important element is your results, for that is what researchers will be looking for.
  • All of this must be reduced to one page, double-spaced, containing about 250-280 words.

Obviously, reducing 12-18 months of work to a single page will be a challenge. And you are so intimately and emotionally attached to every word you have written, that getting that abstract written well can be a huge challenge. One of the best things you can do is to have another Ph.D. in your field, an objective “outsider,” read your dissertation and prepare that abstract for you.

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