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CV’s serve very specific employment application situations, and, if you have been asked to present a CV as opposed to a resume, you are probably seeking one of the following:

  • A teaching position in higher education
  • A research position either in higher education or with a research institute/organization
  • A higher level position in a non-profit organization
  • A Grant Award

The Difference Between a CV and a Resume

If you have prepared resumes for positions in the past, you need to know that a CV has some significant differences:

  1. While a resume provides brief and succinct comments on background, education, experience and skills, sometimes chronological, sometimes not, a CV provides a chronological career history that is written in prose, explaining in far more detail one’s responsibilities, accomplishments, accolades, and published works.
  2. While a resume is usually confined to a single page, the CV may be far more. Early in one’s career, the CV may be 3-5 pages; later in one’s career, the CV may be as long as 12+ pages.
  3. While a resume may use phrases introduced by bullet points, a CV must be a scholarly piece of prose writing.

Getting the Right Help

Someone seeking help with a resume will seek out individuals with HR backgrounds in companies and for-profit organizations. Someone seeking assistance with a CV, however, will generally need someone with a background in academia, usually at the higher ed teaching level and preferably in his/her specific field.

Evo Essay is one of only a few writing companies that offers professional help for CV assistance. Because we employ a large group of Ph.D. researchers and writers, we often assign them to provide assistance to individuals in their fields who need exceptional CV’s as they are under consideration for career positions. Getting the right academic consultant can be the difference between a mediocre CV and on that presents a candidate in a stellar way.

We get wonderful feedback from those clients who have used our CV writing assistance, and you can be one of those satisfied clients too.

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