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Creating Press Releases

Press releases should be crafted by journalists. If you aren’t a journalist don’t even think about writing your own. If you do have some journalism background, at least one course in print journalism, then you know that a press release must be:

  • Newsworthy. You cannot expect any press (tech or hard copy) to accept and publish a press release that simply announces a new website you have launched. This is not news! You must be announcing something that is of real interest to others. Perhaps you have a new product or service; maybe you have formed a partnership with another organization. These are newsworthy.
  • Informational not Promotional. News organizations do not want to sell your products or services for you, so don’t turn a press release into an advertisement. You are giving information about you and your company, not trying to sell something.
  • Timely: When politicians want to announce bad news, they do it on a Friday afternoon – Why? Because the new will reach the fewest number of people. It’s the same thing with press releases. Friday and Monday are bad days. Choose the middle of the week in the morning. You’ll reach more people.

Every press release must have:

  1. A “killer” headline
  2. Some quotes – from you, someone in your employ or a customer. You want to give human interest.

Writing and spreading the News

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