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Cover Letter Writing

One of the most neglected pieces of applicant material is the cover letter. For some reason, job applicants do not place much importance in this document. Rather, they pace all of their emphasis on the resume and create the cover letter almost as an afterthought. This is a huge mistake.

Consider this: When your forward your materials to a potential employer, the first thing s/he opens and/or reads is that cover letter. One that is poorly constructed and without an enthusiastic show of interest in the available position tells that reader that you did not take the time to research the company and to reflect upon how you would be a great fit for their organization and the offered position. This connotes laziness, and no one want to hire someone who is lazy.

Every Cover Letter Must be Unique

You may not have the time or the skills necessary to create individual and unique cover letters for each position in which you are interested. This is why you must turn this task over to professionals who do it for a living. That person has the time to conduct the necessary research on each company, to reflect upon the matches of your strengths and skills sets, and to craft a unique cover letter for each position opening. And if that professional has also developed your resume, that resume can be tweaked to relate more closely to the specific position.

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When you place your resume design and construction, as well as our cover letters, into the hands of the career employment department at EvoEssay, here is what can happen. You will receive a single pro who has intimate knowledge of your field and most businesses and organization that employ people with your background and skill sets. If not, they will do the research necessary to craft a cover letter, and to revise your resume, so that you look like the perfect match for the position.

In most cases, engaging cover letters can be produced in a matter of a few hours of order placement, and you will have one that makes the reader take immediate notice. Start our career search with EvoEssay.com today – we can guarantee more interviews. The rest is up to you.

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