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Writing a book review involves much more time and effort than it takes to simply give your opinion on the book that you have read. In order to compose a book review that is going to impress your instructor and peers, you must first have taken the time to read the book using an analytic thought process. This includes:

  • Understanding the motives behind the characters' actions
  • Defining the protagonist and the antagonist
  • Analyzing the plot for inconsistencies
  • Searching for literary elements
  • Taking the time to understand any historical or political references
  • Making notes about the author's writing style
  • Examining how the book made you feel and why
  • And more

Reading the book is, of course, only part of the process. You'll still need to write the book review. This can be an enjoyable activity, assuming that you enjoy reading in general and are interested in the book that has been assigned, that you have the time available to go through all of the steps required, and that you are confident that your book review will result in a good grade.

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