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All savvy Internet entrepreneurs know that they must have a business blog on their sites. They also know that they must post on that blog regularly if they are to attract and keep followers. They have a good platform, perhaps WordPress, and, in the beginning, were diligent about getting posts up and trying to link those posts elsewhere. Over time, however, other tasks of just running a business have had to take precedence, and that blog is “dying on the vine.” Neglecting a blog is a huge mistake, because one’s brand, as well as relationships with customers, are not being promoted.

What Can You Do?

If you just unable to maintain a blog, due to other business responsibilities, you need to contract with someone who can, and that someone needs to know what s/he is doing. This is why you need blog posting assistance from a content marketing/blog expert at EvoEssay.com. Once you put that blog in our hands, here is what will happen:

  1. Regular posts will be created and published on your blog. These will provide fresh content, information, and education on matters related to your business niche – all things that search engines want to see.
  2. Tools and apps will be added to your blog, so that it is linked with all of your social media accounts and pages. Potential customers need to know that your blog is active and giving good information. They will be invited to share posts on their own social media pages; they will be encouraged to comment on your posts and to become involved in conversations with you and other followers. These things will have a “snowball effect,” and word will begin to spread that your blog posts are worth reading. When people come to your blog, they are on your site and will far more prone to navigate through and see what products or services you are offering. And when those people have need of a product or service you offer, they will think of you first!

No blog or a neglected one is a big negative. Your competitors are getting customers that you should have. Let us help you get this turned around.

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