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What is an argumentative essay? An argumentative essay requires that the writer take a position on a topic (usually controversial) and that they defend the merits of that position. In addition to this, it is also required that the writer presents arguments against the opposing position. This style of essay requires a more forceful approach than the similar persuasive essay. Students who are required to write argumentative essays often struggle with coordinating the arguments for their position along with refuting the arguments against their position. In addition to this, there are also students who are simply too busy and overwhelmed to come up with argumentative essay topics, and write all of the required elements of an argumentative essay. Whatever your situation is, we can help you write your argumentative essay. Keep reading, and we will provide some tips on writing argumentative essays, and how you can get help from EvoEssay.com.

Are You Looking for Examples of Argumentative Essays?

If you have been given an argumentative essay assignment, and you are not sure how you should proceed, you might want to look for examples of argumentative essays. You should be able to find many of these on the internet. Another place to find them is through your peers. If you know somebody who is a particularly skilled writer, they may be willing to show you some of the argumentative essays that they have written. Once you have a few argumentative essays to review, you can begin looking through them. As you read these essays, take a few notes. Try asking yourself a few of the following questions:

  • Is the writer being fair in acknowledging the argumentative points of the opposing view?
  • Is her or she effectively defending his or her position in light of opposing arguments?
  • Is the writer using facts and data to support their position more than they are using emotion and anecdotes?
  • Does the writer seem to be ignoring the opposing view point rather than addressing it?
  • Is the writer's position made clear in the thesis statement?
  • Does each body paragraph contain at least one argument supporting the thesis statement or defending it?
  • Does the writer avoid personal attacks, hyperbole, or straw man arguments?
  • Is the conclusion well written, or does it seem as if it is simply an after thought?
  • Does the conclusion do a good job of summarizing the author's position without repeating too many minute details.

As you answer all of these questions, you will know which argumentative essay examples are good ones, and which ones are not. Review the good ones carefully, you will find a lot of good ideas and inspiration.

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Get a Sample Argumentative Essay from EvoEssay.com

If you are unable to find a suitable argumentative essay to use as reference and example purposes, we will be happy to provide one for you that is completely original. All you will need to do is provide us with some basic information and we will be happy to create a sample argumentative essay that you can use for several purposes, including your own education on the best way to write an argumentative essay. Several customers of EvoEssay.com have reported that they have had much success with our essay samples. It is our hope that our sample essays will teach you a few of the following things:

  • How to write an argumentative essay thesis
  • Which ways are the best ways to sequence your body paragraphs
  • How to effectively summarize your position
  • How to use well thought out arguments
  • The best methods for turning data into supporting points
  • Grammar, punctuation, mechanics, paragraph transitions, styles, etc.

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

Maybe you are pretty confident in your ability to write an argumentative essay, but you are having a hard time thinking of topic ideas. We understand, coming up with argument essay topics can be challenging. You want to come up with with an idea that is interesting, but also challenging enough that your instructor will be impressed.  Fortunately for you, our writers have written thousands of essays over the years, and we have covered an amazing variety of topics in those essays. For your convenience, we have included several sample topics for argumentative essays here:

  • Is it a good idea to allow gifted children to skip grades in school?
  • Do graduated licensing programs encourage teenagers to become safe drivers?
  • Do laws relating to cell phone use by drivers effectively address the issue of distracted driving?
  • Should alternatives to the theory of evolution be taught in public school classrooms?
  • Should student loan interest be fixed at 5% or less?
  • Should the first two years of college be covered by the government?
  • Is mandatory military service a good idea?
  • Should the federal minimum wage be raised to $11 per hour?
  • Should individuals who wish to purchase certain types of firearms be required to take a gun safety course?
  • Is it child neglect to allow a seven year old to walk to the store by themselves?
  • Is it wrong for a parent to allow their child to lie about their age in order to create a social media account?
  • Should parents read their child's text messages and emails?
  • Does private charity do a better job than the government when  it comes to helping the poor and disenfranchised?
  • Should the United Nations increase sanctions against North Korea?
  • Do the rules of filibuster need to be changed?
  • Is it an acceptable political tactic to refuse to approve presidential appointments?
  • Should the ability of the president to issue executive orders be curtailed?
  • Does PAC money corrupt political campaigns?
  • Does the two party political system meet the needs of the people?
  • Should voters be required to show a government issued identification card?
  • Does early and long distance voting encourage fraud?
  • Do voter identification laws make it unfairly difficult for the poor and minorities to vote?
  • Should voter registration drives be made illegal?
  • Which comic book publisher has been more successful at developing strong, female characters?
  • What is the best movie of the early 21st century?

Where to Find More Argumentative Essay Assistance

If you need any more help with your argumentative essay, EvoEssay.com is the perfect place to come for help. We have been providing essay writing services to college students for many years, and our writers have written many argumentative essays. Obtaining help from EvoEssay.com only takes a few minutes of your time.

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Placing Your Order

This is the first step you should take. If you click on the link to place your order, you will find yourself on the web page containing our order form. Most of the information on the form is very basic, and what you would expect to provide on any internet order form. We need your name, email address, phone number, and your payment information. In addition to this, there is a place where you will be asked to fill in information about your argumentative essay assignment. Please fill this information out using as much detail as you possibly can. We need to know the type of essay you are writing (in this case argumentative), how long the essay should be, the subject, the citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.), and any additional instructions that we should follow.

Making Payment

Before your order goes through, you will be asked to confirm your payment. In case you are concerned about security, we use a payment service that is completely secure and that utilizes SSL encryption technology. Once payment verification has been received, we will assign your essay to a writer.

Who Will Write Your Paper?

Your essay will be written by an experienced writer. Each writer at Evoessay.com has a college degree and verified experience as a professional writer. Your paper will be given to a writer who has an educational background that is a good fit for your particular topic. You can relax knowing that your essay will be professionally written from scratch by a highly qualified writer.

While your writer is working on your essay, he or she may need to contact you for more information. Please be sure to keep all contact information up to date so that these attempts to communicate with you are successful. Even better, log into your customer account on a regular basis. You will be able to send and receive messages with your writer and customer service staff through your customer account portal.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team takes over when your writer has finished your essay. They double check to ensure that your essay is completely original, accurate, free of grammar mistakes, and that all of the other criteria set in your order has been met. When all verification has been completed, your paper will be ready for download.

Download and Approval

The final step is reviewing your essay, approving it, and then downloading it to your approval. This is a quick process that only takes a few moments. When you are finished, your essay is ready for your use.

If you have any more questions about argumentative essay help, please contact a customer support representative.


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