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Preparing an Annotated Bibliography

Sometimes, when students, particularly at the graduate level, produce research papers, they are required to produce an annotated bibliography, as opposed to the simple end-of-text citations that usually accompany research papers. They are assigned at other times just for practice, particularly in an initial research class early in a graduate program.

Annotations are usually about 150-200 words in length. The student cites the source normally, according to the style format required, and then writes a short piece that includes a very brief summary of the work, and some evaluative comments relative to its quality and its importance/relevance to a field of research.

For Some, Annotated Bibliographies are Easy

If a student is a rapid reader, with good comprehension, is capable of reducing a book, journal article, etc., to a very brief synopsis, and analyzing it, the content for the annotation is understood. And, if that student can write well and within the constraints of the word count, then such a bibliography is not an overwhelming task.

For Others, Annotated Bibliographies are Tough Tasks

Students who must take longer to read in order to comprehend; students who have difficulty reflecting upon and analyzing what they have read; and students who struggle with sound academic writing will all have a tough time with annotation. For these students, these assignments take valuable time from other coursework. But, for these students, there is EvoEssay.

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